Why a Republic?

One of the first questions that republicans will ask those defending the monarchy in Canada, is why we need the Queen of Britain to act as our representative to the world? She is no more capable of representing this country than our Prime Minister is of representing Britain. She lives in Britain, and when she travels she represents Britain, not Canada. The role of the monarchy in Canada, while often invisible, has come to play a very important role in dividing this country. Canada is a country that was built by immigrants from all over the world. It is a country with two official languages, and many different religions. The British monarchy is incapable of representing this diversity. it will always come to represent the dominance of one minority over all others. It has aroused the anger of Quebec nationalists who point to it as proof of the government's failure to represent all Canadians. It has also been a source of alienation for many people whose ancestors were not British or whose ancestors suffered under the British empire. For those who consider Canada to be an independent and just country, the monarchy is unacceptable.

For those who immigrate to Canada, a mandatory oath to the British monarchy supersedes any oath to Canada, and for those who object to the monarchy, its symbols are never very far away (on our money, in parliamentary oaths to the Queen, the Governor General). The monarchy, symbol of British aristocracy and empire is out of touch with modern Canada. A North American nation with no other feudal traditions, modern Canada is built on ideals of equality and freedom, not on feudal notions of title or power through inheritance.

The notion that Canada is in need of a European monarch, because it is unable to represent itself, is perhaps the most ridiculous assumption made on behalf of the monarchy. Canada has matured and is capable of taking care of itself and representing itself. It's past time we took the last step on a very long journey to complete independence. As a republic, Canada can put these sources of division behind, and build a future for all Canadians.